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Getting Transparent

Joe Witte

Getting Transparent gets to know people who are making a difference across the food and natural product supply chain. Together we will find out what drives them, what they are trying to change, and how they are making this world just a little bit better. Hosted by: Joe Witte, VP @ TagOne
The Environmental Specialist: Pushing Transparency to Fashion and Textile (Megan Meiklejohn)February 22, 2022 Episode artwork The Supplement and CBD Advisor: Bridging the Regulatory and Marketing Gap (Asa Waldstein)January 03, 2022 Episode artwork The Sustainability Evangelist: Bringing Transparency to CBD and Food (Karil Kochenderfer)November 04, 2021 Episode artwork Getting Candid on the FDA’s Traceability RequirementOctober 01, 2021 Episode artwork The Hemp Leader: Navigating the Miracle Crop into the Next Generation (Jody McGinness, Executive Director, HIA)April 15, 2021 Episode artwork The BrightFarms CEO: Growing Greens in Greenhouses (Steve Platt, CEO)February 24, 2021 Episode artwork The Food Innovator: Entrepreneurship, Science and Leadership (Mark Carter, President of MC Squared)February 15, 2021 Episode artwork The Organic Farmer: Connecting People with Plants using QR Codes (Eric Vander Hyde, Co-Owner, Barefoot Botanicals)January 25, 2021 Episode artwork DNA Fingerprinting: Invisibly Tracking Food Safely (Ulrike Hodges, COO of SafeTraces)January 15, 2021 Episode artwork The Island Leader: Creating Jobs in Papua New Guinea (James Rice, CEO of Paradise Foods)November 25, 2020 Episode artwork The Cannabis Consultant: Scary Stories and GMP Tips (Kim Stuck, CEO at Allay Consultant)November 15, 2020 Episode artwork The Supplement Tester: Fighting Ingredient Fraud (Elan Sudberg, CEO of Alkemist Labs)November 02, 2020 Episode artwork The Professional Athlete: Football Pain Leads to CBD Gain (Michael Mauti, Seed2System Executive)October 16, 2020 Episode artwork The USMC Veteran: CBD Entrepreneur and Leader (James Brobyn, American Fiber CEO)October 02, 2020 Episode artwork The Software Innovator: Can Blockchain Save Our Food Supply Chain? (TJ Gupta, CEO of TagOne)September 23, 2020 Episode artwork